Nice try, Travis

I was saving Cookbook #79: Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook (Walt Disney Company, 1994) to use on Anna's birthday because, obviously, right? Except as it turns out, "Gourmet" means "recipes that are not especially kid-friendly." So, Bridgetown Fajitas from Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort it is! (Check out the picture of that place, seriously. I'm pretty sure the cannon is there specifically to keep children out.)

Being 85 himself, Mickey understands the importance of grown-up food.

Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none. Verdict: The fajitas were excellent, but it's really just a basic soy sauce/lime juice/garlic marinade. No pictures, no kid food. A lot of this looks extremely unhealthy and delicious. I should warn you that if you are dining at a Disney park in 1994, you are consuming a lot of margarine.

Cookbook #80 (80! Four-fifths done! Aaaaaaaand I just took a second to figure out what percentage that is! OUT OF ONE HUNDRED!): Step-by-Step Asian Cookbook (Anne McDowell, 2002). The title itself is quite reassuring, as I can't stand those recipe collections that refuse to go step by step. Of course, once inside I discovered that all instructions were in paragraph form and that you can trust no one in this world but yourself. Provenance: Mom. Previous recipes on this blog: none.

I went with Noodles with Chop Suey, mostly because "Chop Suey" sounds like something you would go out for in 1938. I'm pretty sure it's Chinese the same way pizza is Italian, but that has never, not one time stopped me from eating pizza. Anyway, this one didn't really taste like anything, so I drowned it in soy sauce and then it tasted like soy sauce. I liked it.

Just add flavor.

Verdict: There are about a million recipes in this thing, so I won't dismiss it based on the one that I picked out due to amusement at its old-fashioned-ness. Maybe old-fashioned tastebuds were very sensitive! We should ask Mickey.

Got in some pretty sweet Nature and Science action this morning.

Anna has concerns about both Nature and Science.

I have concerns that Travis wrote this sign himself in order to entrap the unwary.

Ivy has concerns about how long it's going to take her to sweep up all this sand. Also, this is the same look I give my kitchen floor every afternoon.