Hello fiber, my old friend

Happy New Year's Eve! I really love this holiday for legitimate grown-up reasons of reflection and renewal, but also because it represents the last chance to eat and drink like a late Roman emperor before 2014 which will obviously be a shining beacon of perfect, locally-sourced nutrition and proper hydration. That means NUTS AND CHEESE AND BACON-WRAPPED STUFF FOR DINNER. Hooray!

I did't want to re-approach actual, non-chocolate-based foods too recklessly, so I thought I would try a warm-up meal that consists of vegetables but also a tremendous amount of butter: Creamy Rosemary Polenta with Maple Sea Salt Roasted Winter Vegetables. I'm generally a little wary of sponsored posts, but when the sponsor is maple sea salt butter, I'm willing to let it slide. Also, both of my children ate this and my four-year-old asked for more Brussels sprouts, so I guess I'm going to go broke buying maple sea salt butter now.

Liquid goooooooooold. (Or soft squishy gooooooooold, depending on temperature.)

It did take her a while to remember how to approach a plate full of vegetables, though.