Mooooo-rry Christmas

Okay, let's do it, let's get this holiday started!

Oooof, okay, I think the creme brûlée put me over the edge. Guess it's time to continue our Christmas travels. You kids hanging in there?

Hmm, yeah, as it turns out, it's completely impossible to drive through Waco, TX on I-35 without losing about three years of your life right now. But Erica! you are saying, I really wanted to drive through Waco, TX as part of my holiday festivities! NO. Impossible. Instead you can look at a small sampling of the pictures that Dan took of our very, very long detour. There are cows! Trains! Grass! I know the girls really enjoyed it.

P.S. I have stopped accepting giveaway entries as randomly as I began. Good news, contestants! There are plenty of cookbooks to go around! That means YOU get a cookbook and YOU get a cookbook, etc., etc., Oprah voice. Send me your addresses! Or don't, whatever. I will find you. Just stay alive and I will find you.