Hey hey hey it's a GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys!

I hope you didn't have important plans today, because it's time to drop everything and celebrate THE END OF OUR COOKING PROJECT, WE DID IT EVERYONE!!! We did it. As a team. A blog team. Not only did my week involve:

A macaroni and cheese bar!  AND

A cookie exchange!

It also involved Cookbook #ONE HUNDRED THAT'S RIGHT: The Colossal Cookie Cookbook (Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen, 1999.) It's a giant book full of cookies! Look, here are some right here! They taste of orange frosting!

Way to finish strong, cookie book.

Anyway, yeah. I did it. I barely tapped some available resources and then made you read about it. With seconds to spare! The world is definitely a better place now and I don't understand why people keep insisting that blogging is dead.

We're done, kids!

So much relief, right??

Hey, remember when I finished my Bon App├ętit project and I linked to every single recipe with a quick summary and a letter grade? Hilarious. Anyway! Here's what I'm going to do for you this time around: there are a handful of cookbooks that I can say with some confidence that I am never going to use again. DO YOU WANT ONE? Leave me a comment and I will use some capricious method to determine what I'm sending and to whom. It's an adventure! And look at it this way: I average about two to three comments per post, so your chance of becoming the proud owner of Southern But Lite is really freaking high

UPDATE: Obviously I mean that I will send you one sometime in 2014. 2015 latest.

EXTRA UPDATE: The contest is over! Thank you for your entries! I hope you enjoy the really excellent perks that come with reading this blog!