The Unslumpening

Listen, I know all you young people (I am assuming my demographic is mostly males 18-25?) are still recovering from your Śmigus-Dyngus Day festivities, so I'll try to keep it pretty brief today.

Here, have a hard-boiled egg. It will help.

As you may recall, something in the air has got me and my sinus cavities down but I am determined to pull myself up by my sandalstraps and turn things around. I thought homemade angel food cake might be a good way to kickstart things (it is a CAKE made entirely of EGGS) but all it did was teach me that I am not blessed with any particular competence regarding homemade angel food cake. Bit of a backfire, but you know what, some lessons are probably worth a two-and-a-half hour investment.

I am free of the tyranny of believing that I can make angel food cake! FREE, I TELL YOU!

I couldn't even capture any comically disinterested faces during the Easter egg hunt. They were too excited. The best Anna could muster for me was "slightly annoyed by the woman standing in front of the candy."

Fortunately, they gave pretty good post-candy-crash face.

Their glucose fatigue is straight existential. #gifted

Anyway, you know what they say. "When all else fails, call up a meeting of the Super Social Food League of Austin." To Hopdoddy's we go! I still find the ordering experience there to be almost exactly identical to Order Grill (5:42) ("There's a new email that you make up for here.") But they do make a mean turkey burger.

"Are you going to get an egg on yours?" asked Regan. "I don't think I have a choice," I replied philosophically.

Green chile queso IS a choice, however, and I made that choice so hard.

It seems like thing are looking up. Or forward. Kinda sideways. In closing, this is the happiest picture I can conceive of in this or any universe.