What's with today, today?

First of all, I want to assure you guys that I have not abandoned my Book Lover's Cookbook project, it's just that I've started playing 2048 been really busy. Also, in order to make the scones from All Things Bright and Beautiful I basically have to read James Herriot's entire body of work, because of...mental health. So, scones! Sometime before July, almost definitely!

For now though, I just got to 1024 and have to try again immediately have some stuff to take care of, so let's get back to Make it in Minutes. How many minutes will it take???

Over the weekend, I went with some nice, leisurely 30-minute Peanut Noodles.

That is LEISURELY INDEED. These were actually very tasty, but they were neither 1) faster nor 2) any healthier than your average peanut noodle recipe, so I'm not sure what WW is playing at here. Not accounted for: a full minute of debating whether to bother with chopsticks, warming up a hot dog for the child who proclaimed it "uuuuck peanut buttery," pondering the palate of same frequent-peanut-butter-eating child.

Last night was swimming lessons, so I headed back to the 15-minute section. Chicken Tacos with Salsa Verde Cream.

Our first shorter-than-promised prep time! And I even shredded my own cheese. Good job, store-bought taco shells! Not accounted for: having to inventory my canned meat supply, denying my Austinite child her request for eggs and beans on hers, explaining that tacos are sometimes crunchy.

Hey, Anna wanted me to remind you that April is National Car Care Month.

Apparently she had a broken hyperdrive. Good thing she checked!

I am also informed that today is Be Kind to Lawyers Day. Due to my inactive status with the state bar I'm not sure if I count, but you should probably be civil to me today just to cover your bases.

NOT SURE IF THIS COUNTS AS AN UPDATE IF I ADD IT BEFORE I HIT PUBLISH: It is also Rex Manning Day. This either matters A LOT to you or you have no idea what I'm talking about. I have to go make cupcakes now.