Know your strengths

Quick programming note for those of you who may have been disappointed in my decision to avoid torturing myself for the sake of comedy w/r/t the Williams-Sonoma Finds Spring Disgusting, Apparently cookbook: I have resubscribed to the print edition of Bon App├ętit! And I've started thinking that maybe it would be fun to cook all the way through the summer issue! Because my memory is so short, you guys. Like lobster goldfish-short.

In the meantime, let's peruse the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, as it is a non-ridiculous tome that fills me with cheer.

Big Breakfast Latkes

Sesame-spiced Turkey Meatballs and Smashed Chickpea Salad

Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

I want you to make all of the above, in the following order: meatballs, cookies, cookies, latkes, cookies.

This weekend we went to an art festival at Anna's preschool.

Seems like Ivy was picturing more of an exclusive gallery show.

As part of the festivities, Anna's class put on a production of The Gruffalo, which meant that Anna needed a homemade mouse costume. Obviously this task is included in my job description as a viking stay-at-home-mom, but my first thought was literally "I guess we can get some fabric and, like…glue it? On the…sides?" So my close viewing of 28 seasons of Project Runway has absolutely paid off. My second thought was, "Hey, wait, Holly said I should master my strengths and outsource my weaknesses!" This seemed like a good opportunity to put that idea into practice, so I had Anna's father and grandmother do the actual constructing of the costume while I focused on worrying about it excessively.

I think we all did a great job.