I'm the low hiss telling you something's amiss / When you hear the sound

 I don't know about you guys, but in our house we have MARDI GRAS FEVER today!

Okay, so it's…it's actually just regular fever, and it is pretty miserable. Fortunately for us, Ivy stepped up to the plate and saved Pancake Tuesday.

Although frankly, I think she may have overdone it a bit.

All we've really got going right now is "being sick" and that's pretty boring, so how about some general updates?

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION UPDATE: This is going really fantastically well. This month's album is No Cities To Love by Sleater-Kinney and I love it so, so, so much. It makes me feel 16, but in a good way this time. When I listen to it while doing chores I feel like I am absolutely slaying those piles of clean laundry, you guys.

I AM GOING TO SELL YOU SOME CANDLES SOON UPDATE: I've got 50 pounds of soy wax coming this afternoon. I might just clear out the playroom and dump it all in there so I can roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck.

I GAVE UP ON READING MIDDLEMARCH, LET'S SEE IF I CAN PASSIVELY WATCH IT INSTEAD UPDATE: I have now made exactly as much progress on the miniseries as I had made in the book, as long as we are rounding down to the nearest zero.

Anyway, have a really great Fat Tuesday, everyone!

Don't do anything this guy wouldn't do!