A good and productive weekend

Wow guys, I have some huge, huge Salted TV ambitions this week. Like, entire "Indian Cuisine Bootcamp" course in one day ambitions. I might make pasta. I MIGHT MAKE A CHOCOLATE CAKE. Which I why I thought it was probably wise to take the weekend off entirely, for resting up. The four-day weekend. Just to be safe.

That doesn't mean we weren't busy! We did tons of stuff.

Frolicked in the toy store:



Posed for our album cover:

(Happy birthday, Scarlett!)

Let our guard down for just long enough to betray actual joy on camera:


Imprisoned ourselves, just for kicks:

And the next time I find myself with no pictures of food to show you, I will take my cue from Anna and try to pass off a bowl full of raw produce as "non-broth stew."

I like the way she thinks.