Watch your honey pots, Austin

Oh, you guys. I think Regan was a little disappointed in the fact the only two of you voted on our SSFL faces, and one of the voters was my mother, and she voted for a third-party candidate. But honestly, voter turnout was slightly higher than I expected! I probably should have warned her that at this point in my blogging life I only ask for feedback in an ironic, postmodern sort of way. Like, I may as well ask you guys to call me from your landline rotary phones. Or print out some mimeograph copies of your opinion and fax them over. Or send a raven! I don't know, now I've convinced myself that there are actually many, many ways for you to be participating and I am also a little disappointed. Anyway, Swistle's vote carries the day, which, in a better world, is how most things would be decided. Regan's face/my inventive cruelty is the winner!

I thought about doing some cooking this weekend, but other people had already done so much work on that front and I didn't want to steal anyone's thunder. Counter Cafe, for example, had a breakfast special that made me think "yes, I really should be eating collard greens first thing in the morning far more often."


And Heidi, she of the baffling and impressive Pinterest follow-through, threw a camping-themed sixth birthday party and there were cupcakes on top of logs and S'mores marshmallows and, I mean, come on.

It's not all fun and games and cupcakes, though! Winter is (finally) (sort of) coming (for a couple of days)! We hustled to get our yard work done:

Then we braced ourselves.

Cash seems unfazed, but I suspect the Loontjers are just from heartier stock.

We found appropriate shelter.

Turns out it was all pretty much for nothing, though, since the freezing temperatures didn't coincide with the precipita--what's that? A two-hour delay? For…for gray skies, again? Okay. That's fine. We're fine with that.