I'm taking this horse by the reins

I'm on vacation! As evidenced by this here fancy waffle and the conspicuous absence of small humans trying to prevent me from eating it:

I'm actually on a business trip, for business, but it seemed reasonable to stop for waffles en route to buying 200 pounds of soy wax. Anyway, feels pretty vacation-y to me! So today I want to briefly discuss two random, non-Martha, non-children things.

First up: has everyone read this very long and very interesting article about selfies? Do it! I know it says "57 minutes to read" at the top and that is going to make you think "Oh boy that is a very long time to spend reading about selfies," but I personally felt it was worthwhile. Here is my "I'm glad I spent an hour reading about selfies" selfie:

Look forward to seeing my face more, because of feminism and mortality and such. Read the article!

Second: a New Year's Resolution update! I intended to purchase and listen to one newly released album every month of 2015. This plan was going gangbusters until August, at which point it was August and I lost all motivation to do anything, even enjoyable music-related things. So I skipped August. And then I skipped September. But then October came and I got BACK ON THE MUSIC TRAIN. Here is the error I made: the particular music train I boarded was HAMILTON and now I have lost interest in any and all other music. So I have skipped November and will probably skip December and by skip I mean "listen to Hamilton on repeat at every available opportunity and probably rap the Lafayette part from 'Guns and Ships' at you at some point in our conversation if I have had enough coffee."