She's asking the tough questions

Lately I've been favoring a category of dinner that Anna refers to as "healthy mush on bread."

Chickpea Wraps with Celery, Dill, and Mustard

Lentil and Eggplant Chili Mole with sourdough toast. 

Here's the twist, though: Anna likes healthy mush on bread. So when I Hannigan her with a "We're not having hot mush today /pause/ we're having cold mush" the general response to both is a shruggy "okay."

After all, she needs to keep up her strength long enough to finish annotating all of her baby pictures.

Is it, though?

Ivy does not like healthy mush on bread. Or just mush. Or just bread. Or me. Or anything.

Your sister was once just like you and I know you will be an enjoyable goofball someday and if Anna didn't break me you won't either although your efforts are certainly more extensive at this point