Mind the gap

GUYS. Guys. You guys. Do you remember how thoroughly phoned-in Martha's Halloween issue was and how we all just accepted that even magnificently deranged lifestyle gurus eventually get old and tired and lose their step and that's just the way of things, oh well? 


More magnificently deranged than ever before.

She was just saving up for this spectacular Sugar Snow Queen work of art, and I mean "work of art" literally, this is a PAINTING and there's a whole section about the CREATION of it and I've been kind of down for a while guys but I don't know, I'm feeling a lot better about life now.

It also helps that I had Thanksgiving lunch at Anna's school this week, which I enjoy unabashedly.

And I don't mean I enjoy it because spending time with her in the middle of her day is worth enduring some spork-and-styrofoam indignities, I mean I straight up love that cafeteria gravy

Plus, ONE of us got through our four-year-old well-check at the pediatrician without actually setting the building on fire with our mind or causing anyone in the medical profession to walk out on their chosen career in disgust, but it was a very close call.

Sometimes I just have to focus her attention on a nonhuman target.

And another one of us lost a much-anticipated body part. It is an exciting and confusing circle, this life.