I told you I don't cook anymore

Hey, look who turned four!

And how!

I took her to the doctor, but the diagnosis was "Four."

Nothing they can do.

Seriously guys, Ivy has been on a full rage rampage lately. A real ramprage. Anna knows what I'm talking about.

And this is a child who ended the breakfast table story she was telling this morning with, I absolutely swear this is true, "And they never found the body."

So...SSFMLA, anyone? I know it's hard to tell, but I promise I went totally ham with this yellow eyeliner Regan picked out for me.

Turns out my skin is exactly "pale yellow eyeliner"-colored!

But I for one did a truly, truly fantastic job with her cosmetics selection. If you look closely, you will see that the bright blue/seafoam sparkle concoction on her eyes makes her look like she used one of those "put makeup on your face" apps, but IN REAL LIFE.

Maybe I haven't done a great job with my youngest child, but at least I will always have this.  #soproud

Here's a benefit of having other people at an SSMLA dinner: significantly more food on the table. Well, maybe not significantly more. Actually, maybe not even more food. Maybe just more justification for the absurd amount of food? At any rate, thanks for the cover Natalie and Sara and Maryann!

This one involved a squeezy tube. It was intense.

Anyway, I'm still full 14 hours later. Success.