Year of the Rainbow Unicorn

Did everyone have a good Halloween weekend? We were going to finally get serious with our crafting but then we got kind of tired.

Maybe our respect for nature was just too great to deface her beautiful creations, you monsters

I did not make this adorable/horrifying thing, Emily did, and it was awesome.

I basically ate the entire lower jaw, WHO'S THE MONSTER NOW

I continued a twenty-year streak of choosing a costume whose main attribute is "comfortable footwear."

Bonus: "yelling at freshman piggies."

We had one very excited and one kinda eh trick-or-treater this go round. Fingers crossed we get one year of enthusiasm overlap before this whole childhood thing is through.

At least the very excited one was very excited indeed.

Actually, that child seems pretty keyed up, I should probably relieve her of some Butterfingers before things get out of hand.