Dillin' and waxin'

As amazing as Martha's December issue is, it is more "75 types of cookie" or "let's also throw some pâté on there, why not" amazing as opposed to "useful weeknight dinner recipes" amazing. If one were not properly propped up by the recommended 8.2 cubic tons of refined sugar and were feeling a little grinchy, one might even say that it is "useful weeknight dinner recipes" lacking.

But! There is spaetzle. Chicken Soup with Dill Spaetzle, to be specific. I must say that I have never once been mid-spaetzle-making and thought "This process is going well!" but somehow it always turns out edible anyhow. And this particular dish made me remember that I really love dill. I love dill. There is nothing as nice as being reminded that you love something.

Even if it is dill. Look, I am a woman of simple, pickle-y tastes.

Anyway, it's been almost a full year of candles now and I'm starting to think about retirement, so I'm training the next generation to take over.

The process can be a little arduous.