Some of us are always more excited than others

We have returned safely from our many, many Christmases, laden with new toys and 5-10 extra pounds of body weight. Not sure how that happened, I am almost certain there was a salad in there somewhere.

I mean, a salad with the non-vegetable ingredients in the recipe doubled maybe. But a salad!

That pink stuff is GOOSE. #legit #ogchristmasdinner #fulldickens

Cranberry sauce is also #legit.

We also did some outdoor adventuring. Some of us were more excited than others.

Turns out Anna's combination of tiny and loud makes her the ideal coxswain. 

AND we picked up a couple of new pets. They are much beloved.

Our four-year-old bard has already composed a dozen songs in their honor.

Anyway, there was a lot of great stuff packed in the past week! And we probably still have enough festive spirit left over for New Year's!

New Year's happens at 2:00 pm, right? 2:00 pm today?