SSFMLA wears Icelandic imports like a boss

Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin decided to end our 2015 run with both a bang and a whimper and also a slight groan of over-fullness.


My first ever false eyelashes! Dan claimed I looked like a normal human from far away, by which I guess he meant "space."

WHIMPER: Regan claims that these perfectly lovely lashes would not stick to her face, so the world will never know how far away from her you would have had to be standing to mistake her for a normal human. Sorry, world.

SLIGHT GROAN: At any rate, we took my cool face to a cool place and proceeded to eat more or less everything on the menu.

It's hard to say whether this year's SSFMLA experiment has succeeded as social anxiety immersion therapy or succeeded at thoroughly warping my sense of style but I was actually barely-to-not-really-at-all embarrassed about the theatrical lashes with tiny red balls on the end, so. Success either way!

WINTER BREAK WINTER BREAK WINTER BREAK! We are, as ever, cautiously optimistic.