Pre-Teen Threat Level Orange

The other day I told Dan I was "working on giving myself permission to skip Christmas cards this year" and he was amused by the many layers of guilt in my phrasing, to which I can only say ah, to have been born a man. But the fact is, the part-time job that I made up for myself has recently mutated into a full-time job (which is AWESOME and thank you SO MUCH if you helped mutate it) but in the meantime I do not have any extra child care or extra spouses and something had to go and it is cards. Let's all join me in forgiving myself:

Don't tell this blog, but it is also right on the bubble.

I managed to find another Martha December recipe that I was willing to make on a weeknight and more or less willing to eat thereafter: 

Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage with Raisins and Pistachios. The next-easiest thing, I am almost certain, is a soufflé.

Hey one of us is a Girl Scout now! And one of us is...a Girl Scout Treasurer.

Okay, I'm the treasurer, not Ivy, but I was making the same face.

And aaaaaaaaugh stringofindecipherablecussing I just remembered I have to go buy a vest and a bunch of...flair, or whatever. *looks around for more holiday traditions to slash*

How Big Is My Big Kid check in: accepts salsa on her taco, incessantly flashes peace signs at the camera.