No one escapes Responsibility Broccoli in this house

Guyssssssssss. I have not been cooking anything other than candles, and even that is going off the rails a little bit.

I am very tired and considering leaving this scene for future archaeologists.

I feel like I should point out that yesterday Ivy took a few hours off of her normal routine of constantly howling "I JUST WANT (THING THAT DEFIES THE LAWS OF PHYSICS/TWO MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE SCENARIOS/YOU TO NOT HAVE DONE THAT THING YOU DID FORTY-FIVE MINUTES AGO)" to be kind of charming, possibly because she noticed that she was causing her mother to lock herself in the bathroom to cry for a couple of minutes periodically throughout the day and she didn't want to risk me escaping through the window as though from a bad date. Nice anticipation there kid, although you did cut it pretty close.

Anyway, she:

Made up a song about the wedding of these two snowpeople,

asked me how to spell the word "love,"

and tried to convince the nutcracker to eat some broccoli.

So she has retained maternal services for at least one more day, through what I am convinced is instinctive self-preservation alone.

Meanwhile, her sister has already barreled past Christmas and is eyeing the bag of New Year's Eve decorations with some nervous-making expressions.