Let's be the beasts

A quick check-in this morning because I have to get ready for the television festival this afternoon (I know the festival and I were not on good terms at the end of last year, but never fear--I am not attending as a fan, but rather as a candle-slinging capitalist, totally fine, totally fine). I did make one Rachael Ray dish this week, but she isn't going head-to-head with Martha, only head-to-head with "stopping at Whataburger on the way home from a friend's house." Which is actually pretty stiff competition!

Farmers' Market Lasagna. Con: so many forever-taking layers. Pro: none of them are mushrooms. Con: the top one became a hardened, inedible shell. Pro: reminded me of the protective layer of ice in Mother, and Albert Brooks makes me happy.

Extra pro: underneath it did not taste like an orange foot.

Winner: Rachael, with an assist from Albert.

Anyway, I no longer need suggestions for fun summer tunes, because Anna has penned the best one possible in this and all worlds.

Let's just be the best/ and rock it out!/ oh yeh, yeh, let's be the best/ come on/  let's/ be/ the/ beeeeeeaaaaasts!