(Very bad very American take) But how will this affect my Beef and Dairy?

Predictably, I stayed up faaaaaaaar too late last night tightening my World Events anxiety spiral, so now I'm just going to gulp at my coffee like it is scotch and I am a brooding television anti-hero and...what are the instructions, again? "Carry on?" (Bursts into freaked-out tears.)

I could not face Martha this week because tbh she's been coming on a little strong.

This is some unrelenting pressure, Martha

So instead we have Rachael Ray vs. Not Eating Dinner, I Guess

Ratatouille Polenta Bowl

Cauliflower-Gruyere Flatbreads

Winner: Rachael, people who enjoy British dystopian fiction but wish it would come true

And here's Anna in an Agent P mask, enjoying her summer or possibly preparing for The Purge.