I made us comfort food

Hey kids. As usual, I do not have any wisdom, nor do I have any particularly unique way of expressing grief or anger or helplessness, so if you came here looking for any of those things you are out of luck. What I DO have to offer, and what you might more reasonably expect after six years of this blog, are nachos and cake.

Martha vs. Rachael: Battle of The Recipe That Most Appealed To Me From Each Publication

Life is, uh, [profound/sad/hopeful/dejected adjective of choice], so I just picked the most thoroughly appealing dishes I could find in order to get through Monday:

Black Bean Nachos with Tomato-Tomatillo Salad

Vanilla Sheet Cake with Lemon-Cream Cheese Frosting

Winner: me.

Here are some pictures of a beautifully empty Central Market, for relaxation purposes. If I could just have these constantly projected as a slide show on my living room wall I think it would reduce my anxiety significantly.

Here is a six-year-old who doesn't yet realize how [adjective] the world is and just really enjoys cream cheese frosting and the fact that Hamilton won a lot of Tony awards.

And I'm just going to leave these here for you:



And if Lin's sonnet made you cry because you are a human with functioning tear ducts, here is a video of me on my Tuesday jog to lighten things up a little bit: