More like "Well...Eating" am I right

I continued my exploration of Eating Well's descent into madness this week with a couple more frozen-food-centered recipes. Our temperatures may have dropped all the way down into the 80s here but somehow that was not enough to motivate me to do any cooking outside of the toaster oven.

First up: Fish Tacos with Avocado-Lime Creme. These are just fish sticks with cole slaw on them, but I found them highly successful for two reasons; 1) they were eaten and 2) Anna exclaimed that she had never seen fish that looked like that before. Unfortunately, no one else was there to overhear her say that, which would have given me a chance to smile and shrug as if to say "ah, sweet whole-foods-bred girl, so ignorant of the Standard American Diet, which in this household we call SAD for short," while secretly thinking "child I have tried to feed you meat in breaded stick form thousands of times." 

Although the jig may have been up when the impressed mystery observer noticed the food-coloring-enhanced tortillas I used to tempt the second child.

Next up: Eggplant and Mozzarella Stick Roll-Ups. Guys. MOZZARELLA STICK ROLL-UPS. Hey Eating Well are you okay, do you need to talk to someone?

Please note that the Responsibility Broccoli accompaniment is RAW, that's how much nutritional ground I had to make up.

Hey fellow Texans! Early voting starts Monday! Here is Anna early voting in 2012, for encouragement. If she can do it, so can you.