Or possibly fight a bull, I'm not sure

Hi. It's hot outside again. But also cloudy, which makes it *look* like it's going to be cool until you open the door. Anyway, I made some Brussels sprouts from Martha that had bacon and oranges but I can't find a link for them and also I burnt the orange slices to a crisp so they are not pictured. And this is technically categorized as a "side dish," which, whatever, I did serve it on the side of a pile of mashed potatoes.

Letter of the law

I was going to make a Rachael Ray vegetable dish to compare it to but yesterday a new House Rule went into effect which states that if I have to clean up vomit more than twice then we get to have leftovers for dinner. It's a good rule! We're fine now.

Well, she's fine. I might still throw up some.

Oh, did you think this post was going to be a huge downer just because it's muggy and I don't feel good and I burned some oranges? WRONG, so wrong, because we also had a block party the other day and my oldest child is here to dance it out for you.