Workmanlike Tuesday

Hey guys, I was sick for most of the weekend but don't worry, I'm sure the quality of this post won't reflect that in any way. I mean, in the sense that the baseline for post quality here is "have been ill for several days" anyway.

Dan stepped up and made the Rachael Ray Sweet Corn Risotto with JalapeƱo Pesto that I intended to make last week. It was risottoriffic.

I helped by lying on the couch and sighing pitifully, in order to keep his spirits up.

And here's Ivy at a birthday party last weekend, demonstrating her "I am completely overjoyed but working hard to only look mildly amused" face. It only happens on rides that accept quarters.

Which...I realize makes her a time traveler, because no rides accept quarters anymore, but "It only happens on rides that you have you use a tricky swipey game card to operate" sounded inelegant.