Send ice

Sometimes it's rough being a candle vendor here in the Furnace Belt, kind of an inverse "ice to an Inuit" situation, but it's always such a relief when mid-October rolls around and the weather breaks and standing outside selling fire to people makes sense again. Oh wait, shoot, I must have just hallucinated that scenario mid heat-fugue.

Did this stop a girl from wandering over to my booth wearing a giant sweatshirt? It did not. Because we are losing our minds.

It's fine. I am dealing with it just fine.

Given this dire situation, I was hard-pressed to come up with any cooking ideas for the week that sounded remotely palatable, but then I remembered that Eating Well hilariously has a section in the latest issue wherein they base a bunch of recipes around frozen convenience foods and then tell you to put a salad next to them. Voilà! You are eating well.

Ham and Gruyère Hash Brown Waffles, sorry about the weird lighting, for some reason the sun is still going down earlier as though it is not stuck in a hellish eternal summer. Mixed signals, sun!

I should also point out that Ivy is prepared to be dropped into any weather possibility, be it summer, winter, NY Fashion Week, whatevs.