"Salad days," but with a negative connotation

Lately our weather has settled into what I would describe as "actually pretty pleasant, for July," which means this week's Martha vs. Rachael battle is...salads. I find the best way to deal with an impending weekend high of 94 degrees is to further punish yourself with raw vegetables. Join me! Or live somewhere reasonable, whatever, it's your life.

Martha: Poached Salmon salad with Spinach and Potatoes and no useful link to the recipe.

I liked this, and I tricked Ivy into eating it by making some of the potatoes purple.  Just a helpful parenting tip for getting my specific child to consume food, you're welcome.

Rachael: Chopped Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing. Downside: unlike the salmon salad, you really can't get away with calling this an entrée. Upside: as the grown up in charge of meals, you can define entrée as loosely as you want. 

"Bread with some stuff," for example.

I considered going a few different ways with yesterday's bus stop pictures, something about how dark it is in the mornings or how not-quite-on-point Anna's practiced smile is, or did I mention it's still *kind of hot* even at 7:00 am? But when I actually looked through the pictures all I could see was "my daughter refused to wear a dress for picture day because she wanted to wear her shirt that says BRAVE." So that's the take we're going with.