Luck of the Irish, etc.


(It was for her lungs. They are not broken.)
So, uh, that was a minor bump in the road on Wednesday, but as you are well aware, the hosting of St. Patrick's Day-themed Bunko waits for no one. Particularly when one has already cleared all the shelves in Austin of their green and/or vaguely Irish consumables. So even with one member of my Party Prep Team down for the count, I bravely pressed on, tackling such exhausting hurdles as cutting up a veggie tray and putting grapes on a plate.

I also transferred those dips from their plastic containers into real bowls. All by myself.

I revisisted a couple of recipes from last year, including this inexplicably popular white chocolate Frito popcorn and emerald eggs.

"Emerald" = "spinach." Just trying to fancy this thing up a little bit, guys.

I also tried a couple of new dips, the green hummus and appallingly unhealthy caramel apple dip from this site.

But it LOOKS so good for you!
And I stuffed the tiniest potatoes in all of creation with white beans and spinach. These things were seriously wee.

Even the leprechauns are all "Damn, that's dainty."

Seriously. LOOK HOW WEE.

*Not an ostrich egg.

Two different people assumed that I somehow dyed that cauliflower and one person asked if I made the mint chocolate malt balls, so I think my reputation as an insane person a great hostess is pretty solid. I must be doing something right, based on this sweet hostess gift from Regan.

Note the "8 Hour Scent System." That means I'm going to smell like Celtic Rapids for like 16 hours a week!

If that's not enough proof, I think the fact that we accidentally invoked the St. Patrick's Day Spectre means that it was a pretty good party beyond a doubt.

Roaming the earth in traditional plastic robes.