Soup Week

I figured Soup Week would be a fun, exotic thing to do for Spring Break, since you hardly ever catch me making soups around here. Time to shake things up, I say! See what eating out of bowls is like! (Here is where you pretend that I have bothered to humorously link to all 8 pages of "soup" search results for this blog.) Where better to start than Cookbook #29: The Soup Bible (Debra Mayhew, 2000)? Provenance: Mom, I think? Previous recipes on this blog: none. Recipe: Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup. Garnish: 1/4 cup of bacon per bowl. Justification for wanting to devour this: unnecessary.

The single advantage to DST is better lighting for dinner photography.
Verdict: Soup that tastes like blue cheese is delicious, as is soup that calls for a decent handful of bacon. This book has almost 300 soup recipes in it AND color pictures. It might be the perfect book, is what I'm saying. I did notice that one of the five star reviews on Goodreads included the fact that she is "slowly trying to make them all" and I had a sharp pang of project-envy. A WHOLE YEAR OF SOUPS, WHAT A GLORIOUS VISION. I mostly include this tidbit in order to make Dan appreciate his sentence of one measly week of nothing but soup.

Hey, it's March! Time for our biannual weekend of garden work. Note that this time last year we were...having soup. Some things have changed, though! Anna is way more resigned to her duties.

I also broke out the kiddie tent this weekend, but it's hard to tell if Ivy likes it.

Of course, she's pretty hard to read in general. Not too feisty these days.