15 Things Only People Who Make Kolache-Scented Candles Will Understand

Hey guys, sorry I didn't catch up on my Martha-ing over the weekend, I was pretty busy achieving my life's goal of being FEATURED IN A BUZZFEED LISTICLE. Oh, don't feel like clicking the link? That's okay, look, I took a picture for you:

You can't see the title of the post here, but it has the phrase "Incredibly Wonderful" in it.  The "[Erica Is]" is implied, I guess.

Also, just kidding, I totally accomplished this Halibut Salad Nicoise from Martha.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, springtime.

Not so much with the calendar. She mowed her lawn for the first time this season, we put off mowing our lawn for the fifth time this season, whatever, same same.

Almost as important as the fact that I am now a proud, shining example of regional click bait (SEE ABOVE) is the fact that this beauty of a bakery just opened right down the street from us.

Do you know how adorable a place has to be to psychologically strong-arm my children into adorability merely by the power of suggestion?

You do have to watch out for food envy, though.

Anyway, the candle elves and I are worn out, but it's worth it to know that my desire to smell kolaches all day long is not unique.

I continue to trust that my desire to smell garden soil will someday be likewise vindicated.