Paper beats Erica

I have thrown myself headlong into a wall of pain Martha's April. Join me!

Food: Chicken and Vegetables in Parchment. This was…easy? But kind of a blah texture on the chicken. You get what you pay for here, I guess. This recipe also kicked off the "folding paper" theme that would later bring me to the verge of tears persist throughout the week.


Martha's calendar:

April 1: "APRIL FOOL'S DAY." Yes, that happened.

April 2: "Decorate eggs for Easter with Jude and Truman." We are a little behind on this. I just need to gather up the decorating stuff. And buy some dye. And some eggs.

"Cardio and core." I definitely unfolded the treadmill, which engages the core, to some degree.


Origami Egg Holders.

This is the first time I have really, truly admitted to myself that Martha Stewart Living is too advanced an instructional text for my crafting abilities. I had my suspicions when there were repeated instructions throughout the issue to "blow out" eggs without further comment, as though "blowing out eggs" were too common a skill to warrant expansion. But my attempts to obey the following set of instructions confirmed it:

Had some real trouble between Steps 2 and 3.

You know what though, once Dan stepped in and did it for me it turned out great, almost too classy really.

My in-laws will be all, "Where am I, Buckingham Palace?"

I had better luck adapting previous Martha projects (that were still hanging around) to the current season.

Easter mistletoe. I'm not sure what two people are supposed to do under the fake wildflowers. Sneeze, probably. 

Easter aluminum foil garden snowman.

Anyway. We're just going to keep at it.