Tiptoe through the bonnets

At some point I realized that it would probably be easier to just show you the picture of the cake for which I bought ingredients three weeks ago than to keep waking up every morning thinking "oh, shoot, I need to make that cake for which I bought ingredients three weeks ago," so here you are:

It's not like I need to add a cake to our larder right now anyhow. We still have a teensy bit of Easter candy to get through.

Likewise, it seemed easier just to let Martha herself tell you the various items in your home that you should be cleaning, you dirty birds:


Not clear on whether an iron has to be used, ever, in order to require cleaning.

I'm going to come white-glove-test your printers, so everybody get on that.

And I don't remember what's on Martha's actual calendar, but if she lived in Texas, I guarantee it would say "drag Jude and Truman out to a field of bluebonnets and take one thousand pictures of them," so I am following it IN SPIRIT.

Some of us were rather more invested in this process than others of us.