I will remember you/ Will you remember me /Make sure they airbruuuuuuush the drool from my face

Hey, so, all I had to do to convince myself to make that cake was to publicly admit that I was never going to bother making that cake

You really don't want to get involved with the twisted psychological battles in which I engage myself. 

Just look at the nice cake.

I was also stuck at home for two days with a sick kindergartener, so cake-making was bound to arise as an option at some point. As was cake-decorating-as-the-earth-for-Earth-Day.

 Soooort of as-the-earth.

For purple mountains, spark-uh-ly.

Martha's calendar item for today is "Clean baseboards with a feather duster." Remember about a year ago when I was wishing a fictional character would come to my house and tell me to clean my baseboards and also make me a potato salad? ALL OF MY DREAMS ARE COMING PRETTY CLOSE TO TRUE.

Hey high school seniors! Glamour Shots want to know how you want to be remembered after they lock you in the proof-selection dungeon for the rest of your days.