SSFL Goes Goth, Eats Cheesecake

I got a little overwhelmed with various three-year-olds things this week, so I kept it simple and just followed a couple of the Martha Tips scattered throughout the April issue. Tip #1, page 28: Drink some matcha.

There is a whole paragraph of instructions for making matcha, which are, in their entirety: mix the powder with water. Done!

Tip #2, page 106: Brush your teeth. But, like, correctly. Two full minutes, PLUS FLOSSING, LAZYBONES. I don't know, somehow this takes two entire pages to explain. Done!

Oh ho ho, look what time it is, Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin night! Let's see what light and springy April colors have been bestowed upon me this month…

Surprisingly minty and enjoyable, as long as you can't see your face.

Here it is under the most flattering filter possible, believe me, I tried every single one:

In real life I looked like I was trying to create that costume where you look like a black and white photograph but got lazy and stopped after the mouth part. In return, I gave Regan some gray contour powder that looks, at best, like light bruising, and at worst like your shift at the mines just ended.

We decided to emphasize the Makeup side of SSFMLA by hitting the Sephora VIB sale, looking…the way we did. No one outwardly judged us, although I may have been too busy covering every square inch of my body with makeup swatches to really notice. Once we made our selections, we knew dinner needed to be something extra special, preferably across the parking lot from the Sephora.

At first we were concerned that we had brought too much glam to the proceedings.

But, as it turns out, we fit right in!

I had an enormous bowl of soup, mostly because it was the only item on the SkinnyLicious® menu that did not require me to say the word SkinnyLicious® when ordering it.

This is what it looks like when you beat the system.

And then, you know, obviously:

It was truly a SSFMLA night. Yes it was.

I mean, those are some cheekbones, for sure.

Anyway, come on everyone, it's springtime! Throw on your black gloss and get out there in it!