Something something T.S. Eliot

Hmm, looks like I only managed one Martha recipe this week. It's aaaaaaaaalmost as though I already blew all my enthusiasm for this month on one meal. It's also almost as though I punted on this Asparagus and Fava Beans with Toasted Almonds dish by using black eyed peas instead because I didn't feel like finding fresh fava beans.


Ah, well, I probably did better with the calendar items, let's check.

April 7th: "Clean gutters." "Pilates." Okay, so what happened here is, I determined that no one human can actually do Pilates and clean gutters in the same day. That's nonsense. Besides, I'm pretty sure Dan JUST cleaned the gutters like five years ago. 

I also did not do Pilates.

April 8th: "Wash and store heavy sweaters." Am I only supposed to be washing sweaters once a year? I like this development.

April 9th: "Cardio and core." Let's say this definitely happened.

Okay, you know what, it's fine. I always have some spring malaise, we'll just shake it off and (checks calendar entry for today) scrape and repaint some chicken coop enclosures. Hmm. In the meantime, we have plenty of regular errands to run and playtime to grimly endure.

Oh, and hey! If there's a mom and/or child in your life toward whom you feel especially passive-agressively angry this year, Glamour Shots has some great news for you!

This ad makes more sense if you imagine that "WOW" at the bottom to be a stick person making some sort of really obscene gestures.