I honestly thought those patties were going to turn it all around for me

I'm definitely feeling my annual post-4th slump in terms of general life motivation. As in, I actually strained to even finish that first sentence and I have had "go to the grocery store" on my to-do list for four days running. It's nothing to worry about, just this wretched season of sweat and bugs, and it almost always passes by Halloween. In the meantime, let's see what Bittman can do for us, vegetable-wise.

Carrot and/or Celery Salad is made by cutting up carrots and/or celery and then mixing them with olive oil and lemon juice and salt and pepper. This is about the level of very basic self-feeding that I'm at right now, so, thumbs up. 

Cottage Cheese Patties are made by thoroughly draining cottage cheese and adding some onion, realizing that there is absolutely no way in any universe that this concoction is going to hold together in the pan, then adding some almond meal, then adding some egg whites, then watching it fall apart in the pan anyway.

The adding some meatballs from the freezer, I mean, you have nothing to lose at this point.

Here are some orange cabinets that I wanted to buy but did not.

Here are some gummy eggs that I wanted to buy and did.

Here is one child who has started to receive early birthday presents and one child who has not.

Here is the second child making her own…fun.