Mission: Improbable

 Hey, July is almost over! Let's wrap this vegetarian thing up with some Red Cabbage and Apples.

And, uh, some grilled fish. The Swimming Vegetable.

And some Summer Rolls!

Ah, Summer Rolls. A bright spot in the darkness. Or shady spot in the brightness, really. 

SPEAKING OF SUMMER and its wretched, wretched oppression, I have an August resolution. A hard one. Like, harder than the time I resolved to stop hoarding Bath and Body Works hand soap every time it went on sale, if you can even imagine that. I am going to stop complaining about summer for a full month. At least out loud.

I read Swistle's post about making note of things you miss about the opposite season and dislike about the current one, so that you can look at the opposite season's list and appreciate your current situation a little bit more. This is a good idea! One that I responded to by thinking "What could I ever POSSIBLY miss about summer?" and making this face:

and saying "NNNNNUFFING." Which wasn't really in the spirit of the thing, so I'm going to go a step further and actually try to generate positive things about this time of year while they are happening. This way, I figure I will have a lot extra energy saved up to rage about the fact that it is still 100 degrees in SEPTEMBER, for PETE'S sake, who is EVEN in charge here

Ahem, sorry. I already kicked off the list.

She mentioned ice cream being a seasonal treat. I would actually classify it more as "medical necessity."

Anyway, I'm sure I can think of more stuff. Do "popsicles" count as a separate entry? Whatever. We got this.