A most unexpected outcome

Okay, Bittman. So far we have had a reasonably nutritious, low-effort, unexciting but generally adequate month together. Let's see what happens with crepes. I am not good at crepes. I sadly await the pile of crepe-shards that I will apologetically present to my family. I will not blame you. My inherent crepe failure is deep, and primal.

*****30 minutes pass*****

oh my gosh what is this did i make crepes

(ALLCAPS did not seem like enough for this achievement, so I am using the whispering-at-your-children-is-scarier-than-yelling-at-them technique of emphasis.)

i mean seriously look at this they all turned out great

look at theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

I was not worried about the Banana Nut Muffins.

Whole wheat flour and maple syrup variation, blindfolded, one hand tied behind my back, etc.

Unfortunatley, despite these tremendous success, it is still summertime. You can face it with either  defiance or defeat.

Bubbles help, either way.