Celebratory rodentia

It's been five years since I first made a child's birthday cake, and I'm pleased to report that I have stayed true to my personal lack of aesthetic throughout that time:

To be fair, this year's entry was specifically designed and commissioned by the birthday girl herself:

And she was very pleased.

With, just, everything.

I realize no jury in the world would believe me, but I absolutely swear that Chuck E. Cheese was entirely Anna's idea and not my attempt to recreate my own CEC/Showbiz Pizza sixth-year bacchanalia.

Back in the 80s when that place was dark and that thing was a rat and everything was just a lot more gritty and authentic.

One of my children, I should note, was entirely delighted by the experience. When Anna completely freaked out about gently declined the Ticket Blaster experience, Ivy stepped up like "Give me the goggles, I'm going in."

This is my new favorite picture of her, no lie.

Anyway, I'll let you in on my long game, which is to arrive at a July in a year or two and be asked "May I just have a quiet birthday dinner in this year, Mother?" and I think we're getting pretty close now.