Back to the cold section of the grocery store

It's summer. My oven is broken. I've been feeling low. Cookies seem to have lost their medicinal properties.


Sometimes that's just what time it is, guys. The Mason Jar of Pens doesn't lie.

It's been quite a while since I sat down and pored over a no-nonsense cookbook and I have to say, it was surprisingly motivating in a way that antique farmhouse feasts were not. I don't know, it's almost as though I've spent the past month putting pie and crackers where the nutrients are supposed to go.

Now I can put croutons there!

That's some Tomato and Hard-Cooked Egg Salad under those croutons. Thought it would be best to start things off with a pile of eggs in a bowl, and I was right. I'm almost always right about that.

Then, Black Beans with White Rice, Spanish Style because I thought it would be best to continue things with beans and rice and GUESS WHAT.


For the record, I'm not cracking down on meat-eating or anything, just attempting to get the percentage of produce in our overall diet up over 2% or so. Still, I've noticed some quiet protests around the house.

This one was particularly trenchant.

 Anyway, we'll see how long this keeps up, tomorrow is Erica Eats Her Annual Hot Dog day, after all. In the meantime, I have discovered the secret to getting through summer and it is keeping a focused routine.

10:15, like clockwork.