SSFMLA Levels Up

Guys, I'm a little worried about the status of the Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin. I'm pretty sure once the International Makeup Committee gets a hold of this month's pictures they are going to deny our amateur ranking and revoke our designation as "Super Social," because we are very clearly professionals.


Nothing I gave Regan this month was purple. Just throwing that out there.

The "food" part of Food League this month was a movie theater baked pretzel with queso. It looked like blurry darkness and tasted like heaven.

Interested in looking like an actual, literal clown at a bargain price? Get the look:

Distressingly high-performing.

Anyway. When I said I wanted to cook more vegetables this month, what I meant was "beans and pancakes," you guys knew that, right?

Pinto bean tart with millet crust. Somehow the girls were not AT ALL fooled by the pie tin.

They dealt with the pancakes okay though.

So that's…going. In the meantime, it's still summer! And how! We're summering it up, because what other option is there?

Icing down our creams!

Watering up our troughs!

Attempting to escape the incessant talking of our sister but failing because there is no escape in this or any other season. In front of cute wallpaper!