It's Birthday Week here at our house, which means that as of today I am the only member of this family whose age is not divisible by three. I can feel the shift. I am alone here with my awkward fives and sevens and such. My only comfort is knowing that I can still use this opening paragraph to make my loved ones' birthdays about me. Five years of blogging and I'VE STILL GOT IT.

But, fine, it is also a little bit about them, look, there's one now:

The smugness of someone who is divisible by threes and twos and fours and sixes and nines and TWELVES.

I let Bribery Bakery take care of Dan this year, because I am wise.

Sometimes a man needs a very tall cake. I think Gwyneth said that?

 Sometimes a man also needs a Noble Sandwich.

Pork belly: the noblest sandwich of all.

And sometimes a teeny tiny baby turns six like it's no big deal.

Anyway, Ivy is also doing great, thanks for checking.