Chicory > chicanery

Okay. I have decided to forgive Eating Well for their coffee chicanery because they included an entire section of "fast/convenient" dinners that involve passing off frozen foods as legitimate meals. I think it's called Put it on Rice and Pretend You Cooked It and I am here for it.

Potsticker & Vegetable Stir Fry.

My favorite thing about this whole section is that even though it includes a recipe for waffles literally made out of frozen hash browns, it tries to justify its Eating Well-ness by gently recommending that you find the frozen processed convenience foods with, like, slightly less sodium or whatever. Eating Well and I are experiencing the same level of denial this month.

Meanwhile, our early-school-year isn't too activity-packed yet, so we're doing a lot of relaxing. Just practicing some regular human relaxing styles.

Like all Earth-people