My Friday gift to you

This week I've been trying to turn some brain-frowns upside down...s by slightly shifting my perspective to a more positive one. For example! Problem: when I picked the Eating Well recipe for Slow-Cooker Dal Makhani, I consciously registered exactly two elements of it: 1) legumes, and 2) slow-cooker. As three mornings in a row of "oh CRAP I was supposed to soak the beans overnight" can attest, I did not register the soaking the beans overnight element. Slight perspective shift: the feeling of accomplishment when my brain yelled "THE BEANS" at me at 11 pm Wednesday night was very pleasant!

Such a relief to put this one to bed

Problem: I paid $15 for a flimsy piece of licensed garbage. Slight perspective shift: she will probably wear this every day until Halloween, which puts it at 33 cents/wear, which is about right.

Let my extremely inspirational outlook on life be a lesson for you all. You're welcome.