I can probably substitute muffins for the toast, right?

I did not really do any cooking this weekend, as two shelves of my refrigerator are still dedicated to muffin storage and it is difficult to motivate oneself to generate extra food in such a case. I did pull the recipes for two of these 33 Amazing Gluten-Free Desserts in order to contribute to football-watching. They were not amazing! But they were desserts.

So, close enough

Eating Well is really hitting me where I live this month, what with the "good news for coffee drinkers" and the "fast/convenient/shortcuts" and the "look at all this stuff on top of toast." I guess we'll see if they can deliver on any of that this week. Would've liked to see a poached egg sneak in there somewhere, is all I'm saying.

Also, I realized that I forgot to include Ivy's Last First Day of Preschool picture last week, so...that's...this here. Is what that is.

This is not captured mid-action, this is meticulously posed. One hunched-over thumb up for preschool!