It's the most demoralizing tiiiiiime of the year

Ah, September. Sweater weather at last, am I right guys?

Don't worry, I reported it. My notes were scathing.

Clearly this is the point at which I would normally take to my bed until Halloween, but unfortunately Dan is out of town for two weeks. That means I am unable to neglect any parental duties, let alone all of them, no matter how inhospitable my chosen environment manages to be. I've been googling to see how long children can live on cereal and goldfish without getting scurvy trying to put together a low-stress meal plan that will be agreeable to the three of us. So far I have come up with three loaves of banana bread.

One each for the week, that seems fair?

You know what though, the oldest one can read. I'm just going to let the girls be in charge of food.