Next stop: pilgrimage to Drury Lane

Well, I'll say this: of all the manias with which one could be struck, Muffin Mania is probably the most pleasant/likely to deplete your supply of baking soda.

Sweet-Potato and Chocolate-Chunk Muffins. Anna could not believe her good fortune when she realized this muffin was a part of her dinner and not just a dangling carrot to encourage her to finish her spinach. Halfway through she ecstatically declared this "The best meal EVER," at which point she looked closely, discovered one stray sweet potato fiber emerging from the muffin, and quickly set it down, appalled and betrayed. It was an almost shot-for-shot recreation of the time Ramona and Beezus found out that under the gravy on their plate was not pot roast but rather beef tongue.

She did not finish the muffin. Or the spinach.

Breakfast Egg-and-Cheese Muffins. These have a sort of Scotch egg quality to them and I loved them. My children hated them almost as much as that time I tried to sneak sweet potato into their chocolate chunk muffins.

With special appearance by Responsibility Broccoli, hey there old friend 

Gluten-Free Banana Almond Butter Muffins. These came out the ugliest but they are easy and very satisfying. Anna suddenly stopped liking bananas about two years ago in what I honestly believe was an overarching rejection of a commonly-bestowed nickname.

Ivy likes them.

Zucchini, Gruyere, and Black Pepper Muffins. Look, if I have accomplished nothing else this week, I have almost certainly instilled in my children a lifelong mistrust of muffin-shaped foodstuffs.

This is Anna's first year riding the bus and we have been enjoying bus stop time a surprising amount.

I mean, some days are better than others.