I am also wearing about six of them on a string around my neck

Hey listen, I have some extremely important news: The September issue of Martha Stewart Living is chock-full of muffins. I mean stuffed to the brim with those things. And I see that the calendar is trying to sell me on the idea that it's somehow still August, but why wait--life is difficult and sharp and jabby, let's cram muffins onto some of those edges.

Double-Apple Bran Muffins. Tasty enough to eat three, healthy-seeming enough to convince yourself that's a reasonable thing to do.

Kale, Corn, and JalapeƱo Muffins. These were very good and did not taste at all of kale and now I'm wondering what else I could force myself to eat via cornbread.

Good start, good start. Hey, cousin Levi turned EIGHT this weekend!

Anna really enjoyed playing around with his drum set. Like, really enjoyed it. 

Ivy knows what I'm talking about.