Recommended NYC itinerary, cont.

You'll have to excuse my slight disorientation, but we fled this infernal state in mid-August for obvious reasons, only to encounter record highs in New York and return to record lows at home. THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, but there are of course still vacation photos to foist upon you, vacation photos endure.


1. Enter the Hamilton lottery.

2. Don't go too overboard with breakfast today, you're on the UES. Try to be dignified. Maybe just get a cup of coffee.

3. Now that you're feeling properly adult, go to a museum. Immediately realize that you are still attempting to live out that book you loved as a kid, all these years later. Fight the urge to hide in the bathroom at closing time.

4. Encounter an unsettling portrait of yourself.

5. Lose the Hamilton lottery, because of math.

6. Locate The General, original version.

7. Locate The General, current Broadway version.

8. Continue your post-Hamilton treatment regimen.

9. May as well tick that "bright lights" box while you're here.

10. Street food. Do it.


1. Time to go home! Get a grown-up meal with vegetables this time, I'm serious, you have to ease back into real life and you will need your strength. 

2. Reward your good decision-making skills with a muffin.

3. Make your way back to your beloved children. Shower them with souvenirs.